Previous Experiences

Sr. Software Engineer, 09/2002 - 09/2004, MeVis, Bremen
  • Development of the "GigaVoxelRenderer", a visualization software for large medical volume data sets. See
  • Construction and administration of a small Apple Power Mac G5 cluster containing 5 nodes and Myrinet® interconnect.
Sr. Software Engineer (07/2001 - 08/2002), Art+Com AG, Berlin
  • Development of software modules for interactive multimedia installations.
  • Development of software tools for 3D applications, including virtual archaeology.
Technical Lead "e:guide" (04/2000 - 06/2001), echtzeit AG, Berlin
  • Design and implementation of software modules for virtual reality applications in Java3D and C++.
Sr. Software Engineer (09/1998 - 03/2000), Alias|wavefront, Toronto, Canada
  • Member of the "Core" team of Maya. Worked on "Design Studio" as well.
  • Member of the first PortfolioWall team.
Lead developer "ImgLab" (02/1993 - 09/1999), Mevis, Bremen
  • Design and implementation of a framework for scientific image processing, including the graphical user interface using X/Motif.
  • Cooperation with the ImageVision team at SGI, I was their guest speaker at the SGI Developer Conference 1996 in San Francisco.
  • Finished my masters thesis "RadioDesk", discussing an alternative approach to the user interface for image processing.
Software Engineer "TimeBandit" (07/1991 - 04/1992), Houpert Digital Audio, Bremen
  • Implementing a user interface for the professional digital audio system "TimeBandit" on the Apple Macintosh (MacOS 9).
  • Design of a software Library for digital audio processing.
Software Engineer "XLink" (07/1989 - 05/1991), CCB, Bremen
  • Extending an existing MSDOS tele-communication program with a graphical user interface.
  • Development of user specific applications.
Software Engineer (04/1987 - 03/1989), TEC, Bremen
  • Design and implementation of a graphical role playing game (In the style of the then famous Ultima series) on the Apple ][gs. It never left the building...
  • Diplom Informatiker, 03/1998, University of Bremen (Comparable to MSc.)
    Specialization on computer graphics and interactive systems.
  • "Certificate of Merit" for ImgLab, Radiological Society of North America 1995.
Stefan Dachwitz
GZA Bremen
Hermann-Koehl-Str. 7
D-28199 Bremen, Germany
fon ++49 421 9601 372
fax ++49 421 9601 150


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