Welcome to iWalkthru

This is the website of the iWalkthru project.

The mission of iWalkthru is to make photorealistic virtual walkthroughs available for the web. A new approach for data reduction is being developed that works well on any kind of 3D objects, including "man made" objects like buildings and vehicles, as well as organic forms.
iWalkthrus capability open up new opportunities for the design of virtual environments.

The first product is the Simplifikator, a 3D reduction tool for VRML/X3D models.

The Simplifikator is a new and unique automatic reduction tool for complex static 3D models. Its main goal is the optimization of a static model for display at a specific (fixed) screen resolution. Only vertices and texture data that is required for that resolution make it into the final model.

In contrast to current mesh reduction tools, the Simplifikator can reduce scenes with multiple meshes and any number of textures. It works on organic forms as well as on man made forms like buildings and machinery.

It is an ideal tool for many situations where reduced versions of complex scenes are required, and other vertex reduction tools do not deliver adequate results.

Visit the gallery page for more images. See the Simplifikator Product page for the free download and more information about the Simplifikator.