iWalkthru Product Page

There are two software products currently under development. A tool to automatically reduce 3D models and scenes, the Simplifikator, and a walkthrough engine build on top of the Simplifikator technology.

The Simplifikator

The Simplifikator employs a unique reduction technique for complex 3D models, capable of reducing geometzry and textures in a unified step. Models with multiple meshes and any number of textures are reduced to one single mesh with just one single texture. Please see the Simplifikator Product Page for details.


iWalkthru is a technology for virtual walkthroughs of large 3D environments. It contains a preprocessing utility that reduces a whole scene and creates an octree based scene database. This database can be accessed by a normal http server, since all scene information is contained in the database itself. A viewer application (and a corresponding web browser plugin) reads the scene database (via http) and renders the scene on the screen.
Only visible parts of the scene have to be transferred to, and stored on, the client, which makes iWalkthru suitable for applications with restricted network speeds and client memory.

In combination these tools reduce a lot of the issues of delivering complex 3D environments online.


Typical applications that will gain most from using iWalkthru are reconstructions of real-world environments, like:

  • Virtual Archeology
  • Architectural Visualizations/City Planning
  • Virtual Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Virtual Tourism
  • Edutainment/Entertainment/eLearning