Welcome to iWalkthru

This is the website of the iWalkthru project.

The mission of iWalkthru is to make photorealistic virtual walkthroughs available for the web. A new approach for data reduction is being developed that works well on any kind of 3D objects, including "man made" objects like buildings and vehicles, as well as organic forms.
iWalkthrus capability open up new opportunities for the design of virtual environments.

The first product is the Simplifikator, a 3D reduction tool for VRML/X3D models.

Christian Begand of http://www.3d-rekonstruktionen.de/ kindly provided his complex 3D Models for testing purposes.

They came in 3D Studio Max™' ".max" file format, which were converted to the VRML format after some minor changes to the materials (VRML does not support multitexturing, and also some procedural textures had to be modified).

The Simplifikator prototype generated this reduced version:

See the Product page for more information.